We operate according to the following standards

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We Complete Projects in a Timely Manner

We at Sheehan Painting Co. do everything within our power to complete projects according to the timeline we have established with you, our client. We understand that completing our work in a timely fashion is important to our clients so as to limit the interruption in your home. There are times when this becomes impossible due to things outside our control, like rain, but aside from that, we work hard to complete your project on time.

We Complete Projects within Budget

With more than 30 years of experience, we at Sheehan Painting Co. understand that, as consumers, it is always an uncomfortable feeling getting a larger bill than expected. We work hard to make sure this does not happen. If your job is to ever exceed the bounds of our written agreement, we will communicate this and get your permission to exceed the agreement.

We Stand Behind Our Work

In over 30 years in the painting industry, we at Sheehan Painting Co. have never left a job knowing that our client was unhappy with our work. We make sure that we complete projects to your satisfaction.

Every project is backed by a Five Star Guarantee to ensure that you will get what you expect.